Behind The Project

I have seen a huge rise in the amount of malicious content on the web, and I'm sure you have too. Just by missing one letter in a web address, we can end up on a "bad page". Scammers buy misspelled versions of domain names and make them redirect to their phishing page.

These websites do much more then you may think. Some can read your browsing history or even create a botnet that tracks you on other websites. Even worse, these sites try to infect your computer. If you have an old operating system or an unpatched browser, your security can be compromised.

How to Fight Back

There are very few ways we can stop scammers. Many organizations just don't care. I have tried contacting domain registrars many times trying to get them to take down sites, and very few do. And then after a few days, the scammers register the domain elsewhere. Some people have turned to illegal methods to stop these scammers. These include flooding phone lines, hacking websites, and attacking servers.

I believe that the best way to stop scammers is by providing protection to internet users. We always keep our list up to date with the latest threats, meaning you get the maximum level of safety online. We offer our full security product for free, because being secure shouldn't cost you anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find malicious sites?


We find websites in many different ways, mainly by going to misspelled versions of common websites. Some other methods include clicking on ads and using bad link shortening services. Robots will never get a full idea of what is safe and what isn't, so our full list of filters is made by hand.


How do you stay safe when browsing?

I always make sure my browser history is cleared before I browse to unsafe websites. I also use many privacy extensions that block known tracking cookies and scripts.


My website is safe, why is it blacklisted?

If you think your website was blacklisted by mistake, you can contact us and we may remove it from our filters.

How do I set it up?

You can find our getting started guide here.

Can I use this on my mobile phone?

You are welcome to try DNS66, but it will most likely result in an error saying it cannot connect over an insecure connection. If you find a way to make it work, contact me so I can show the method on my website.

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